Press Conference about cancellation of the Stateville debate class

Press Announcement


Press conference Wednesday, May 30, 11am, James R Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, Chicago.


Concerned citizens will present a letter written by the Stateville Debate Team to Governor Bruce Rauner.  The class was summarily and unjustifiably cancelled and teacher Katrina Burlet banned as a volunteer.


The class was conducted at absolutely no cost to Stateville.


Education is key to rehabilitation.


The Debate Team requests reinstatement of Katrina Burlet.



Bill Ryan (708)574-8046

Katrina Burlet (630)209-4132

One thought on “Press Conference about cancellation of the Stateville debate class

  1. The debate was well done and I felt that it gave hope to the inmates. It’s sad that the State of Illinois allowed the cancellation to happen and is not doing more to rehabilitate those men. If a victim’s family can forgive and stand hopeful for those who they believe took away their loved ones, how can the State deny their request? I urge the State to allow the debate coach back into the prison and I urge lawmakers to take more control of the things that happen to the people who they are elected to represent.

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