Krysta Lenae Donoho, written by Cynthia Christian-Donoho

Krysta Lenae Donoho was born on July 14,1985. She was born to Perry and Karlayn Donoho. She was the oldest of their 2 daughters. Next came Cynthia, Krysta grew up as her little sisters keeper and protector. She was and always will be my best friend. Krysta took care us us kids like she was our mother. And if you knew our background and what we came from, you would understand the significance to this. Anywhere we would go or move too, Krysta could adapt. She was always the life of the show. Always had a smile on her face and everyone loved her. She could make the meanest person in the room laugh until they had a belly ache. She could make the sourest person in the room smile the biggest smile they have ever had. Krysta was and still is a joy to be around.

Unfortunately, Krysta got mixed up with the wrong people and for that everyone is paying. She believed and fell in love with a master manipulator. Her only fault is falling in love with someone who didn’t love her. Had she never met him, you would not be hearing from me and the abundance of other people who love her so very much.

Krysta continues to stay positive about the situation she is in. She has her family backing her every step of the way and we are fighting hard. She has 5 nieces and 3 nephews that she gets to watch grow up through pictures and visits. That is 8 children that get to cry when they have to leave their Aunt Krysta behind. Or hang up the phone.

All we ask is for Krysta to have a second chance to prove that she can and will contribute to society!   Please give our family a chance, please give MY older sister the second chance she so much deserves.

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