Matthew Davis, written by Krista Davis

Matthew Davis was 24 when he took a life due to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, he had been addicted to drugs and spiraled out of control.  He did not commit his crime out of malice or vengeance. Hallucinatory drugs and a lot of them changed him for one night of his life that he can never get back.
However, the man who was high on a plethora of drugs the night he took a life is not the same man I know today. Neither is he the same man he was when he was first incarcerated.
Matthew was confined naked in a cell for a year while awaiting trial.  Imagine being told by a warden that the only way he was leaving that situation of naked solitary confinement was in a body bag or prison cuffs.  This led him to plead guilty instead of fighting for himself.
Matthew was very young when convicted to life without parole.  Matthew should have a second chance to prove to the world who he really is.  Anyone who meets him loves him.  He is an amazing husband, father, and son. He is kind-hearted and a lover of art and family.

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