3 Replies to “Lawsuits challenge mental health care and medical care for incarcerated people in Illinois”

  1. Shirley Burgess

    I’m praying that someone can help me or my friend who’s incarcerated a 35 years serving life his health is failing him real bad he has hepatitis C and he needs to hip replacements he has been asking for help for years and they haven’t done anything to help him yet it’s name is Sherman morisette he serving his time and Stateville his ID number is a64 004 can someone please tell me how I can get him some help I would appreciate it thank you

    • ssstonem Post author

      I’m afraid that we are not a legal organization and cannot provide legal help or individual assistance.

      I hope that you are able to find assistance.

      Best wishes,
      Shari for Parole Illinois

      • Shirley Burgess

        Thank you I will keep trying I know there’s other people it’s in the same situation as Mr morisette and is calling out for help also put a family member who’s incarcerated I know that there’s someone out there that’s in the position she would help me and help others didn’t need help for their family members that’s incarcerated I’ll keep trying and ask him for help thank you and God bless you okay okay I am I going to say


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