Nancy Rish, Written by Kelly Klein

My close friend Nancy has been incarcerated for 32 years now and is now in Logan Correctional Center.

Nancy Rich

Nancy Rich

She was convicted of a crime that she did not commit at the age of 25 and deserves a chance at parole. While incarcerated, Nancy has maintained her faith in God and has done everything she can to better herself, including get a degree. She has been involved with the Helping Paws Program in Logan, and is now a certified dog groomer. Nancy has proven that she, if released, would be a useful member of society. Her elderly mother is not in good health and needs her at home with her.

Nancy has maintained a relationship with her son, grandsons and the rest of her family. Nancy has never sat around asking, “Why me?” She has used her time being wrongfully incarcerated to excel and mentor others.

Please help free Nancy Rich. 32 years is long enough!