Anteshia Lee, written by Armoni Todd

Since I was 2 years old my mom has been in jail. I am now 20 and we have managed to keep a very tight bond. She is the most kind hearted and sincere person I know. In 2002, she was wrongfully prosecuted and sentenced to 28 years for what I know was self defense. Growing up is still hard for me to this day being so close to my mom who is so far away. I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my mom, but it’s really hard for me to wait days for a phone call or a letter when I need someone to turn to. I’m not good with letters and it’s really hard for me to put the time aside to sit down and write one.

I do believe my mom deserved punishment for what she did because I can understand the trauma that was put on the other person’s family. They will never get their loved one back. However, my mother was defending herself the only way she knew how. Growing up with men hitting on you and being put in the position where a man is harming you, your first instinct is going to be to secure your safety. For 18 years she has been incarcerated. As a kid I thought she was in “school” and they really had me fooled. I even came down to Dwight for her graduation. She managed to learn many things while incarcerated. One of the things that stood out most to me was dog grooming. My mom is a creative. She has made the best out of any situation she’s been put in her whole life. I admire many women, but my mom is the only woman I look up to. She deserves to shine her light in the world now. She deserves to see what the world has to offer and give it back.