Carrie Pierce, written by Barb Krause

My daughter Carrie is now coming into her 19th year of a 40 year sentence. She and her ex-boyfriend got into a fight 19 years ago. The victim was stalking my daughter and took personal items from her. My daughter and her ex went to get the stolen stuff and a fight broke out. The ex kept punching the victim. They all would take a break and have a beer. The only one that was sober was the ex-boyfriend. Sadly the victim died of shock — he also had a couple of broken ribs. The ex tied the victim to a pole in the basement and at that time the victim was still alive. In the morning when my daughter and the ex took coffee down to the victim, he died. Both my daughter and the ex were tried together. Neither of them was ever in trouble, they both got 40 years. My daughter has been a model inmate this whole time. She has even been in the paper for working in a children’s reading program. At one point she even worked with a warden at Dwight and was always called by her first name. Where she is now she is just an inmate and they don’t offer hardly any programs for the women. My daughter has 2 grown children. They were very young when she got arrested, and she has missed everything in their young lives. At the time of the arrest, she was on Paxil for 2 weeks, which was a trial period for her depression, but she was also drinking beer. Paxil is known to cause a manic state of mind. My daughter was also going to college to become a teacher. We all feel that 40 years was very harsh when you see some inmates will get something like 15 years for killing a child or cutting someone up in pieces. She is going through an appeal now with her medical records that weren’t allowed in court. She will never forgive herself for what happened. We need to bring the parole board back.