William Peeples, written by Kimberly Fontanelle

Being raised by a mother with mental health issues and no support and a stepfather that was an alcoholic, became a quadriplegic and was no longer in his life, my brother became a product of his environment and got connected with the wrong people as well as drugs and alcohol, as addiction runs in our family on all sides. He had to become hard to protect himself as well as me. We had to survive mental, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of our Mother as well as whatever man she was with at the time. We had to watch her be abused by many men. Over the years that he has been incarcerated, he has become the man that the God of his understanding wants him to be. He is a Father, a grandfather, a Brother, an uncle, and a great uncle. He has learned that the person that he was is not who he is. He was so hurt and angry due to the life we had to live that he acted out in any way he could that would relieve the pain of life. He is forever in pain about the choices he has made and regrets them from the bottom of his soul. As there are only the two of us now, our Mother has passed and so has our Father, we are all each other has and have become so close as when we were children. I love him and I’m so proud of the man he is. The change that I see in him makes my heart smile. He has gone back to school and has learned to respect all people and most of all himself. I think he has made a great change and he is not the same man that was incarcerated.