“Why Should Illinois Establish a Parole System for Everyone?” Michael Carter. Parole Illinois Essay Contest Finalist

Why Should Illinois Establish a Parole System for Everyone?

Michael Carter

First and foremost apologies be extended to society and all families who have suffered as a result of violence, and those who have suffered lost due to such violence, I am sorry! It is understandable why your heart cries out for justice, why there is a high demand placed on politician to be tough on crime. For God demand justice, but with the motive to correct the human heart, intending on salvaging the erroneous soul. On this principle was the penitentiary established.

Illinois, an extraordinary and beautiful state, the land of Lincoln. Yet bruised by the blows of injustice, racism and poverty. Which has led to its penitentiaries being filled with minorities, convicted of all kinds of crimes, rather justly or unjustly. For our system has been flawed, by abusive detectives and prosecutors of misconduct who have failed us in the pursuit of justice. So the only means for hope in the penitentiary is an appeal or parole. When all is denied you have a hopeless, hurt and potentially bitter human being. Who is not only dangerous to himself but also to other inmates and staff.

Our institutions on which this nation was built was on, reverence for the creator of all things and love for our fellow man or neighbor; justice and equality for all.

When the penitentiary was built it was built on the principle of penitent, from which we get the word penitentiary. Penitent derived from the Latin word penitens Paenitere – to repent. Meaning to feel or exhibit remorse for one’s sins or misdeeds. As time would have it we would exchange the name penitentiary for correctional facilities or centers. Yet the word correctional bears the same meaning, in that it is to punish with the intent to rehabilitate or improve the human being. We have professed this title, yet strayed away from rehabilitating or improving the human soul that has errored in life. Settling for short gains and costly repercussions from locking people up and throwing away the key; no parole. Our objective is to salvage the human soul and contribute back to society a better mature human being. Not someone who have been warehoused in a hostile and bitter environment.
Who lost all sense of what it is to be human, due to being handled like a beast or animal. We have to rethink and evaluate our current costly system and make adjustments. Illinois current Governor Rauner has tried to reshape our system but let’s face it, he’s a servant of the people. We the people have to change our perspective and support that change.

A dog that is damaged psychologically due to its training or abuse is salvaged through love and incentives called “treats”; to reward good behaviour – thus inspiring new behavior, ultimately a new pet. As it is with a dog, the same principle stands for the human being. In that, ever human being is inspired by hope. Hope to be free. For it never feels good to see a comrade go home on parole due to good behaviour! You can’t. This has a psychological scar that would either provoke jealousy to good behavior, or anger and bitterness due to inability to acquire such, due to no parole. It should be the intent of the system to punish with intentions of improving the human being, taking advantage of vulnerable moments such as mentions above. This is why I believe Illinois should extend parole to everyone. It will inspire a better environment in the prisons and ultimately society. Thank you!