Angelo Bennett by Geneva Bennett

My son, Angelo, has no record. He went to Northside Prep and was a manager at two Jimmy John’s locations. A great kid, a wonderful man.

He was in a car accident. The man followed him even when police told him not to. The man stabbed my son for 5 minutes. Angelo had to finally defend himself. Then they claimed that he shot the lady who was with the man who stabbed him, but they never showed her medical records, no gunshot residue on her or the car. She left the hospital the next day.

This case is insane. My son was only trying to save him and his friend’s lives. Angelo should have gotten self defense. I am 50, and I will be dead when my son gets out. His grandma will be dead. My brother is a Chicago detective, and every cop and lawyer I talk to says that something went horribly wrong with his case. Just because we’re poor doesn’t mean my son shouldn’t have justice and his freedom before he has no family to come home to. Please help. Please.