Charles Bixby by Andrew Deppe

I first met Charles as part of a prison pen pal project over twelve years ago. Since that time, I’ve gotten to know him, supported his efforts at continuing education and establishing a Buddhist meditation practice, visited him in person every year or two, and watched him help other prisoners in need of practical and moral support. Charles was imprisoned in 1998 for a crime he did not commit. During the trial, the state allowed the alleged victim to change their testimony on the stand, which helped to lead to a wrongful conviction. During the appeal process, one judge determined that the state should answer all of Charles’s claims, but later the appeal was denied. I believe Charles should be considered for immediate parole, after over twenty years of wrongful imprisonment. During all this time, Charles has remained positive and hopeful, practicing meditation, creating artwork, taking correspondence courses, and helping those in need. I am confident that he would be a productive member of society on his release. Thank you for your consideration.