COVID-19 ALERT: Lucas County Jail

COVID-19 has made its presence known at the Lucas County Jail, where multiple people have tested positive for virus.

According to Sheriff John Tharp, a total of four inmates have contracted the virus and tested positive. Two are still behind bars.

Betty Frey’s son is one of the victims. He has been in jail for months on pending felony charges. Frey said the last time she spoke with her son, he was complaining of chills and a cough. She urged him to tell a nurse and then didn’t hear back.

Frey says she received a call at home from the hospital and the Toledo Lucas County Health Department and found out her son contracted the virus behind bars.

Frey said after days of waiting she talked with someone from the jail and they sent along a note from her son, saying he was doing OK. Frey wants to make sure that families are informed about the health and well being of their loves ones, even while incarcerated.

“I am his mother and I have a right to know that he had COVID-19, and they didn’t give me no information,” Frey said.