As COVID-19 spreads behind bars at Fort Dix, prisoners turn to contraband cellphones, social media for help.

The video shows only the aftermath of the scene late last month in the federal prison at Fort Dix: A soiled surgical mask and bloodstained paper towels next to a container filled with a mucus-green substance.

A speaker recounts that just moments before, during temperature checks, an inmate had collapsed, vomiting, as his fellow prisoners screamed for help.

Corrections officers rushed to the man’s side, says the inmate making the recording. But before rendering aid, they sprayed him with cleaning products, telling his dorm mates they needed to “disinfect him first.”

That footage — recorded with a smuggled cellphone — was posted on Instagram on April 22, one of a growing number of insider accounts leaked over social media from prisoners in the Burlington County facility.

Together, they depict a corrections environment where conditions deteriorate daily, social distancing is impossible, and inmates and guards feel powerless to protect themselves against the viral disease that has been spreading within the prison walls.