The COVID-19 crisis in U.S. prisons has shone a light on the horrific conditions and overcrowding that have turned many prisons into death traps.

But it is only a reminder of the fate of many people incarcerated in Illinois who face death by incarceration every year, due to decades of extreme sentencing policies.

Join us for a discussion of the current conditions that incarcerated people are enduring under the COVID-19 pandemic and how communities inside and outside are building up the resources, practices, and institutions that support healthy and self-determined communities during COVID-19 and beyond.

Our People’s Tribunal on May 21st will uplift calls for life-saving measures to address the needs of prisoners and loved ones during the pandemic – and long term visions of abolishing death by incarceration and building healthy, safe, and vibrant communities.

We will be joined by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated organizers; their family members; leading thinkers about criminalization; elected officials; and advocates who care deeply about rethinking punishment and criminalization in the state of Illinois.