“We stickin’ it up for chow! Anybody go to chow pack they ass up!”

“Packing someone up” is the act of forcing someone, sometimes with violence but usually just the threat of it, to pack their stuff into a trash bag and request an immediate transfer because they don’t feel safe.

“No chow!” echoed up and down the dorm. To this was added the cry of “No work!”

“We stickin’ it up!”

“No work, no chow!”

I rushed into the bathroom, climbed onto the back of the toilet in stall 6, and yelled into the air vent for Star. The air vents between our two dorms are connected, and if you stand on the back of one of the toilets, you can even see the person you’re talking to on the other side. I swear, I don’t know who designs these places. Star’s face appeared a minute later.

“Yo, we stickin’ it up! It’s lit!” he said.

“Us too. Chow and no work.”