An Education While Incarcerated

Eddy experienced many firsts while incarcerated: the first time he wrote a letter, the first time he saw a man stabbed, the first time he ate an apple fritter.

His friends in Oakland had been mostly Chinese. Now he recognized similarities between Chinese and Samoans, Asians and African Americans. He participated in a sweat-lodge ceremony.

An older Black inmate he called Pops talked to him about philosophy, and taught him how to play handball. Pops encouraged him to read Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha,” and Eddy found a copy in Chinese.

Eddy got into bodybuilding, then yoga, and then Pilates. He fell in love for the first and second times—the result of his letter-writing with women on the outside.

It was while he was incarcerated that he first told his father he loved him.