Artwork by Charles McLaurin


Artist Name: Charles McLaurin

  • IDOC ID#: N94252
  • Mailing Address: Stateville C.C., PO Box 112, Joliet, IL 60434
  • Date of Incarceration: January 1993
  • Sentence: Life without parole (formerly death row)
  • Artist’s Current Age: 52
  • Artist’s Outdate: No outdate under current system
  • Artist’s hometown: Chicago
  • Artist’s Preferred Genre of Art: Surrealism, fantasy, etc.
  • Artist’s Preferred Medium: Oils
  • Artist’s message about why Illinois should return to rehabilitation and an improved parole system: In an age of much-needed reason purged of dark machinations, where wrongful convictions became the tolerable form of constitutional justice forcing upon us the reality of what an injustice is. . . it having happened to “us” on a myriad of unethical ways both destructive to our physical being as citizens of the United States of America, and also destructive to our psyches when those of with genuine rehabilitative potential are made to writher and rot from policies that were enacted as a deterrent against those whose actions led to the creation of such laws and policy—to the detriment of wrongfully convicted citizens.