Press Conference about cancellation of the Stateville debate class

Press Announcement   Press conference Wednesday, May 30, 11am, James R Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, Chicago.   Concerned citizens will present a letter written by the Stateville Debate Team to Governor Bruce Rauner.  The class was summarily and unjustifiably cancelled and teacher Katrina Burlet banned as a volunteer.   The class was conducted at absolutely no cost to Stateville.   Education is key to rehabilitation.   The Debate Team requests reinstatement of Katrina Burlet.   Contact Bill Ryan (708)574-8046 Katrina Burlet (630)209-4132

Government Argument by Howard

Deputy Prime Minister – Howard   My opponent began his last speech by diminishing the significance of the numbers that Al Ameen presented.  After hearing the rest of his speech, I understand why he tried to discredit the numbers – he didn’t have any to offer.  That’s obvious. What’s not so obvious is why the savings of hundreds of millions of dollars would be insignificant. What Luigi said about these numbers is both pessimistic and untrue.   First of all, a change as dramatic as cutting out up to 2/3 of people’s time served in prison would undoubtedly have an …Read More →

Opposition argument by Luigi

Leader of Opposition – Luigi   I thank my opponent for his speech but respectfully disagree.  There are some things that just should not be dictated by their price tags and the administration of justice has got to be at the very top of that list.  It’s just got to be. Besides, since when is the fastest, cheapest way the better way?   To start this speech, I am going to provide some points of rebuttal to what Al Ameen brought us.  Then I am going to tell you all how my team plans on achieving the goals set forth …Read More →

Government Team argument by Al Ameen

Prime Minister – Al Ameen   It is the stance of the government team that the primary concerns in deciding how to implement a parole system in Illinois are 1) upholding justice, 2) public safety, and 3) minimizing the cost to taxpayers.   Upholding justice is the primary concern of the justice system.  When someone commits a crime, there ought to be punishment, and we believe that the punishment should remain equal among equivalent crimes.  What this means for this debate, is that we think anyone in Illinois who commits the same crime should have to serve the same amount …Read More →

Pre Debate Speech on misapplication of Natural-life sentences by Oscar Parham

Are Natural Life Sentences Being Applied In The Way They Were Meant to Be? By Oscar Parham ~ a.k.a Smiley   Here is a fun fact that society may not know: the state of Illinois claims to focus its system on rehabilitation rather than retribution.  However, the rampant over-sentencing and gross misuse of life sentences tell a very different story.   The overuse of life sentences in the state of Illinois is a sad reality that needs to be addressed.  But many politicians are reluctant to address it for fear of the dreaded label “soft on crime.” But is showing …Read More →