Michael Coleman by Delonda Daffin

I am here to state that my loved one, Michael Coleman (#B08725), is currently incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center. He was wrongfully convicted for murder under the theory of accountability. Mr. Coleman has been institutionalized for over 23 years for a crime that he did not commit. Mr. Coleman has been stripped of his freedom for something that he did not do. I need Michael Coleman set free now. I am knowledgeable of Illinois being the only state without a parole board. It is not fair that he is left to rot in prison. He is no more guilty of …Read More →

Wesam Zumut by Lara Zumut

This petition has been created on behalf of my brother Wesam Zumot that involves him in a story that took a turn for the worse. Many times we hear the phrase, “in the wrong place, at the wrong time.” This has basically been the story of my brother Wesam’s life. During the times when my brother was not incarcerated, he was working hard to support his family. He comes from a cultural background where respect and loving people were his biggest strengths. That all changed when, one day, my brother was physically attacked by a group of 5 people in …Read More →

Tony Dameron by Loretta Demeron

My husband, Tony Dameron, deserves parole after almost 25 years of being incarcerated. He is not the same person he once was. Family and friends tell me and police reports document the man he was 25 years ago. They talk about someone that I’ve never met and do not know. Once full of anger, drugs and violence, he now has regret, is remorseful and accepts his culpability. He has nothing but love, compassion and generosity to give today. He has a wife and family, grown children and grand-babies who love and adore him. Our daughter recently told him that the …Read More →

Charles Bixby by Andrew Deppe

I first met Charles as part of a prison pen pal project over twelve years ago. Since that time, I’ve gotten to know him, supported his efforts at continuing education and establishing a Buddhist meditation practice, visited him in person every year or two, and watched him help other prisoners in need of practical and moral support. Charles was imprisoned in 1998 for a crime he did not commit. During the trial, the state allowed the alleged victim to change their testimony on the stand, which helped to lead to a wrongful conviction. During the appeal process, one judge determined …Read More →