Winners of Parole Illinois Art & Essay Contest

We are pleased to announce the awaited winners of the Parole Illinois Art & Essay Contest!! Essay contest: 1stplace: Marni Yang, The Importance of a Second Chance 2ndplace: Karen McCarron 3rdplace: Shawnette Green 4thplace: Michael Carter, Michael Stone *Typed versions of the winning essays will be posted here soon! Art Contest: 1stplace: Roberto Hurtado (#1) 2ndplace: Terry Dibble (#30) 3rdplace: Nickolas Haselrig (#16) 4thplace: Charles McLaurin (#23) Honorable mention: James Galambos (#18), Devon Bennett (#22) Logo: 1stplace: Corey Fox (#3) 2ndplace: La Toyia Warren (#33) Essays were judged by a panel of judges chaired by Former Associate Director of the …Read More →