Winners of Parole Illinois Art & Essay Contest

We are pleased to announce the awaited winners of the Parole Illinois Art & Essay Contest!!

1st place winner of the art contest.

Essay contest:
1stplace: Marni Yang, The Importance of a Second Chance
2ndplace: Karen McCarron
3rdplace: Shawnette Green
4thplace: Michael Carter, Michael Stone

*Typed versions of the winning essays will be posted here soon!

Art Contest:
1stplace: Roberto Hurtado (#1)
2ndplace: Terry Dibble (#30)
3rdplace: Nickolas Haselrig (#16)
4thplace: Charles McLaurin (#23)
Honorable mention: James Galambos (#18), Devon Bennett (#22)

1stplace: Corey Fox (#3)
2ndplace: La Toyia Warren (#33)

Essays were judged by a panel of judges chaired by Former Associate Director of the Northwestern Cook Writing Program, Dr. Penny Hirsch. The logo was judged by visual artist Ike Okafor-Newsum. Art was judged by everyone who voted!

We would like to thank the following people for helping to judge and process the submissions, type the winning essays, process letters to everyone who submitted, create certificates for the winners, and provide technical help that was essential to running this contest:

David Soliday, Penny Hirsch, Ike Okafor-Newsum, Curry Carr, Shirley Stone, Bob Stone, Hannah Wargo, Angie Sandhu, Judy Larson, Raissa and Kandi.

Howard, Joe, Felicity, and Shari for Parole Illinois

Artwork by Andres Reyes

    Artist Name: Andres Reyes
    IDOC ID#: R34755
    Mailing Address: Stateville C.C., PO Box 112, Joliet, IL 60434
    Date of Incarceration: October 30, 2002
    Sentence: 75 years
    Artist’s Current Age: 36
    Artist’s Outdate: 2077
    Artist’s hometown: Palatine, IL
    Artist’s Preferred Genre of Art: Photo-realism
    Artist’s Preferred Medium: Pen/ink
    Artist’s message about why Illinois should return to rehabilitation and an improved parole system: I’ve been locked up 16 years and have not committed any crimes in that time. I am rehabilitated.