Matthew Davis, written by Krista Davis

Matthew Davis was 24 when he took a life due to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, he had been addicted to drugs and spiraled out of control.  He did not commit his crime out of malice or vengeance. Hallucinatory drugs and a lot of them changed him for one night of his life that he can never get back. However, the man who was high on a plethora of drugs the night he took a life is not the same man I know today. Neither is he the same man he was when he was first incarcerated. Matthew was confined naked …Read More →

Krysta Lenae Donoho, written by Cynthia Christian-Donoho

Krysta Lenae Donoho was born on July 14,1985. She was born to Perry and Karlayn Donoho. She was the oldest of their 2 daughters. Next came Cynthia, Krysta grew up as her little sisters keeper and protector. She was and always will be my best friend. Krysta took care us us kids like she was our mother. And if you knew our background and what we came from, you would understand the significance to this. Anywhere we would go or move too, Krysta could adapt. She was always the life of the show. Always had a smile on her face …Read More →

Janet Jackson, written by Jeannette Harding

    Janet J. Jackson has been incarcerated since 1986 for hiring friends to murder her husband.  In spite of the fact that she argues that she was being abused by her husband and her friends took it upon themselves to kill him, she has been incarcerated for almost 32 years with no chance at parole. I have known her for over ten years and didn’t know that 32-year-old woman who was sentenced.  But I know her as a positive, cheerful, honest, caring woman who is an advocate for herself and others serving time at Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln.  …Read More →

Howard Keller, written by Felicity Porter

  Howard Keller is a G.E.D.  and vocational tutor, published writer, poet and advocate for higher education in prison. He is also a barber by trade, a graduate of the Stateville accredited Barber College programme. He uses his success as a barber to demonstrate to other potential students, lawmakers, and community members the far reaching benefits of education in prison. He argues “With my barber’s license, once I’m released I don’t have to worry about standing in line for a job from an employer who will likely deny me based on my past. The only line I’ll have to stand …Read More →

Joseph Dole, by Cynthia Kobel for the Project 1-11 Campaign

    “[Life without parole is] like trying to describe a broken heart or communicate what it feels like to mourn the death of a soul mate. The words to convey the pain do not exist. When you’re serving a life-without-parole sentence it’s as if you’re experiencing the broken heart of knowing you’ll never love or be loved again in any normal sense of the word, while simultaneously mourning the death of the man you could and should have been.” – Joseph Dole, The Meaning of Life                           …Read More →