John Cumbee, by Cheryl Wurst

My friend John has been in captivity for 27 years for a crime he did not commit in a county he was not in at the time of the offense. Even though he was a public servant with no criminal history, he was given a natural life sentence in a politically motivated prosecution. While in custody, he has successfully completed two comprehensive bible study courses and has earned 61 college credit hours toward his associate degree which he will receive this year. He has also completed 5 certificate courses through DePaul University (2), North Western University (2), and the Northeastern …Read More →

Miguel Morales, by Miguel Morales

First and foremost, I appreciate you taking the time out to stop and read through some of these postings. I’m writing you this in search for understanding and support on an important issue that we’re up against behind these walls. The muzzle has been put on us (prisoners) for far too long now. We’ve always been made to feel like we’re simply stuck and can’t do anything to change the way we’re being treated back here because of stigmas made against us, lifestyles we were living, choices made when we were younger, and because it works so much better for …Read More →

Ricardo Rodriquez, written by Mary Rodriquez

My husband, Ricardo Rodriquez, was sentenced to 24 years in prison without a chance for parole in March of 2012. He has served 7 yrs. He was convicted of sexual assault. He pleaded not guilty. He has never had a police record of any kind. We have been married for 45 yrs. He also served in the Vietnam War in 1970 – 71. In 1995 he owned and operated a woodworking business out of our home until 2012 when he was convicted. My husband is not the evil monster they portrayed him to be. He is not a danger to …Read More →

Joseph Arrieta, written by Flory Rivera

I am one of the thousands nationwide and one of the hundreds who initially was sentenced to die for murder as a juvenile at age 17 two and a half decades ago. Despite my going to trial and proving beyond a reasonable doubt that these murders were committed in self defense, I was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Why? Not because of the murders themselves or because the court found that I was beyond any hope for rehabilitative potential, but for the circumstances of my childhood and home environment that I was raised in until I was 17, …Read More →

Michael Bell, written by Annette Donaldson

Michael Bell, was a typical young man, just a couple of months past his 18th birthday when he committed his crime. He does not wish me to write about his past, but just to say that he deserves his sentence, he took a life, he made mistakes, and that is a simple as it gets. He has never denied his crime, and has faced all the challenges that his life without parole sentence has brought to him during the past 27 years. It is true to say that when he was first incarcerated, he rebelled against the system, as many …Read More →

Anteshia Lee, written by Armoni Todd

Since I was 2 years old my mom has been in jail. I am now 20 and we have managed to keep a very tight bond. She is the most kind hearted and sincere person I know. In 2002, she was wrongfully prosecuted and sentenced to 28 years for what I know was self defense. Growing up is still hard for me to this day being so close to my mom who is so far away. I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my mom, but it’s really hard for me to wait days for a phone …Read More →

Carrie Pierce, written by Barb Krause

My daughter Carrie is now coming into her 19th year of a 40 year sentence. She and her ex-boyfriend got into a fight 19 years ago. The victim was stalking my daughter and took personal items from her. My daughter and her ex went to get the stolen stuff and a fight broke out. The ex kept punching the victim. They all would take a break and have a beer. The only one that was sober was the ex-boyfriend. Sadly the victim died of shock — he also had a couple of broken ribs. The ex tied the victim to …Read More →

Nancy Rish, Written by Kelly Klein

My close friend Nancy has been incarcerated for 32 years now and is now in Logan Correctional Center. She was convicted of a crime that she did not commit at the age of 25 and deserves a chance at parole. While incarcerated, Nancy has maintained her faith in God and has done everything she can to better herself, including get a degree. She has been involved with the Helping Paws Program in Logan, and is now a certified dog groomer. Nancy has proven that she, if released, would be a useful member of society. Her elderly mother is not in …Read More →

Matthew Davis, written by Krista Davis

Matthew Davis was 24 when he took a life due to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, he had been addicted to drugs and spiraled out of control.  He did not commit his crime out of malice or vengeance. Hallucinatory drugs and a lot of them changed him for one night of his life that he can never get back. However, the man who was high on a plethora of drugs the night he took a life is not the same man I know today. Neither is he the same man he was when he was first incarcerated. Matthew was confined naked …Read More →

Krysta Lenae Donoho, written by Cynthia Christian-Donoho

Krysta Lenae Donoho was born on July 14,1985. She was born to Perry and Karlayn Donoho. She was the oldest of their 2 daughters. Next came Cynthia, Krysta grew up as her little sisters keeper and protector. She was and always will be my best friend. Krysta took care us us kids like she was our mother. And if you knew our background and what we came from, you would understand the significance to this. Anywhere we would go or move too, Krysta could adapt. She was always the life of the show. Always had a smile on her face …Read More →