Debate Team Letter to Gov. Rauner

May 17, 2018 Open Letter to Governer Rauner from the Stateville Debate Team Dear Governer Rauner, We, the Stateville Debate Team, write this letter to implore you to reverse Assistant Director Gladyse Taylor’s (and thus the IDOC’s) unjustified decision to terminate the Stateville Debate Team and class, and reverse the unjustified ban of our teacher, Katrina Burlet, from Stateville Correctional Center and other IDOC facilities. –Who We Are – We are human beings whom society has demonized, dehumanized, discounted, and warehoused for decades in Illinois prisons. In the face of that, though, we each believed in, and worked to rehabilitate, …Read More →

Debate Team memo to Pritzker’s Restorative Justice Cmte., Dec 3, 2018

December 3, 2018 TO:  Committee Chairs Kim Fox, Jehan Gordon-Booth, and Robin Kelly CC: Lieutenant Governor-elect Juliana Stratton, Representative Rita Mayfield FROM: The Stateville Debate Team RE: Invitation to meet with the Stateville Debate Team   We are aware that Governor-elect Pritzker has announced the formation of a Restorative Justice and Safe Communities Committee. We appreciate that the Governor-elect recognizes the need to fix our broken criminal-justice system and to do so in a way that “move[s] away from a system of imprisonment and build[s] a true system of justice.” We are writing today for two reasons. First, we believe …Read More →