Pre Debate Speech on misapplication of Natural-life sentences by Oscar Parham

Are Natural Life Sentences Being Applied In The Way They Were Meant to Be? By Oscar Parham ~ a.k.a Smiley   Here is a fun fact that society may not know: the state of Illinois claims to focus its system on rehabilitation rather than retribution.  However, the rampant over-sentencing and gross misuse of life sentences tell a very different story.   The overuse of life sentences in the state of Illinois is a sad reality that needs to be addressed.  But many politicians are reluctant to address it for fear of the dreaded label “soft on crime.” But is showing …Read More →

Pre Debate Speech on Rehabilitation by Lester Dobbey

REHABILITATION FIRST By Lester Dobbey   Good morning ladies and gentlemen, state representatives, PRB, IDOC officials, members of the community.  And to all of my fellow brothers and Professor Burlet, I greet you by saying, “peace be upon you.”   Today, I stand before you all as a prisoner equipped and ready to present a question of great importance:   If I rehabilitate myself with no official incentives, who shall be a witness to record the methods and progress of my rehabilitation within a maximum IDOC facility?   PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that “true rehabilitation” under the Illinois State Constitution, article …Read More →