Greetings Parole IL Supporters and Family, In light of COVID-19, we’ve decided to take proactive steps to encourage social distancing, a practice encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to limit the spread of the disease. As such, our meeting March 22nd, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. will be moved to a virtual platform. This will allow us to continue with our planned agenda. There are two (2) ways to join the meeting… 1 Via Webcam We will be utilizing Zoom Conferencing technology.  The link to the Zoom meeting is… (Will also be posted on Parole IL Facebook Page.) Please note: You may need …Read More →

“Why Should Illinois Establish a Parole System for Everyone?” Michael Carter. Parole Illinois Essay Contest Finalist

Why Should Illinois Establish a Parole System for Everyone? Michael Carter First and foremost apologies be extended to society and all families who have suffered as a result of violence, and those who have suffered lost due to such violence, I am sorry! It is understandable why your heart cries out for justice, why there is a high demand placed on politician to be tough on crime. For God demand justice, but with the motive to correct the human heart, intending on salvaging the erroneous soul. On this principle was the penitentiary established. Illinois, an extraordinary and beautiful state, the …Read More →

William Peeples, written by Kimberly Fontanelle

Being raised by a mother with mental health issues and no support and a stepfather that was an alcoholic, became a quadriplegic and was no longer in his life, my brother became a product of his environment and got connected with the wrong people as well as drugs and alcohol, as addiction runs in our family on all sides. He had to become hard to protect himself as well as me. We had to survive mental, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of our Mother as well as whatever man she was with at the time. We had to …Read More →

Ignacio Alvarez, written by Nancy Alvarez

My brother was wrongfully convicted back in 2001. He was coerced by the detectives into testifying that he was at the place of the crime. At 22 years old he fell for their scare tactics used to get a false testimony, saying that something would happen to his girlfriend and unborn child. The lawyer that was paid to defend him also lied to him and failed to do his job. He has done great things despite being locked up. Ignacio is employed, has been taking college courses and is working towards a Master’s degree. At the moment he has a …Read More →