Mission Statement

Parole Illinois aims to raise awareness about mass incarceration and extreme-sentencing policies in our state, bring incarcerated voices into prison-policy discussions, and research and advocate for policies that give every incarcerated person in the state  a fair chance to return home and successfully reintegrate into their community. Art by Joseph Dole, Parole Illinois Board Member

Parole Illinois: Who are We?

Parole Illinois.   Who are we? We are a coalition of people inside and outside of prison who are working toward a more just and humane legal system. We believe in the power of redemption and transformation; and that it is inhumane to order people to spend decades in prison until they die there without any periodic assessment of whether such sentences are necessary for public safety. We therefore stand against policies that sentence people to death by incarceration, whether that be life-without-parole or excruciatingly long sentences that people cannot outlive. We recognize that excessive sentencing laws have piled up …Read More →