“Why Illinois Needs to Bring Back Parole for Determinate Sentences,” Karen McCarron. Parole Illinois Essay-Contest Finalist

Why Illinois Needs to Bring Back Parole for Determinate Sentences Karen McCarron The U.S. is the nation that incarcerates more of its population than any other nation, not because we have more criminals or higher morals, but because incarcerating people is a business. Americans are becoming more aware of this fact, but most don’t know what to do about it. America is ranked with third world communist countries in incarderating its citizens and some say Illinois is one of the worst states to be incarcerated, ranking just above Alabama, not something Illinois should be proud of. One of the reasons …Read More →

“Justice or Vengeance?” Shawnette Greene. Parole Illinois Essay-Contest Finalist

Justice or Vengeance? Shawnette Greene In 1978, Illinois abolished parole. As a result, any person convicted of a felony offense within the last 20 years lacks any process to evaluate the progression of their rehabilitation. Legal and moral arguments can be made to illustrate how Illinois’ legislation is archaic and counter productive. First, Article 1 Section II of the Illinois Constitution states, “All penalties shall be determined both according to the seriousness of the offense and the objective of restoring the offender to useful citizenship”. Nevertheless, the absence of adequate reformative programming and services within the Illinois Department of Corrections …Read More →

“Why Illinois Must Bring Back the Parole System,” Michael Stone. Parole Illinois Essay Contest Finalist

Why Illinois Must Bring Back the Parole System This past September, makes nineteen years I have been incarcerated. This is my first adult offense and I was given thirty years at seventeen years of age with no consideration to rehabilitate myself from a system that uses the foundation of its existence upon it. I have now been in prison longer than I have been free. I came into the system as a kid. I was confused, lost, scared, angry, imbalanced and mindless. When I was convicted of the crime I was charged with I was sent to Stateville C.C. I …Read More →

“Why Should Illinois Establish a Parole System for Everyone?” Michael Carter. Parole Illinois Essay Contest Finalist

Why Should Illinois Establish a Parole System for Everyone? Michael Carter First and foremost apologies be extended to society and all families who have suffered as a result of violence, and those who have suffered lost due to such violence, I am sorry! It is understandable why your heart cries out for justice, why there is a high demand placed on politician to be tough on crime. For God demand justice, but with the motive to correct the human heart, intending on salvaging the erroneous soul. On this principle was the penitentiary established. Illinois, an extraordinary and beautiful state, the …Read More →