IDOC Duty to PRB

Supporting Argument 11. IDOC has a duty to provide programs that the PRB demands in order for a person to be released.

The IDOC has the obligation to provide the recommended programs in a timely manner.  This provision shall in no way be construed to create delays for parole eligibility and subsequent annual hearings.

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This is pretty basic.  Most people in prison have been treated abysmally, and have legitimate reasons not to trust the people who hold them in custody.

The entirety of the body of rights which our country extends to those accused of crimes stems from the very basic understanding that people who have power abuse it, and we do not trust them to have the best interests of our most vulnerable citizens in mind.

This provision is written with the same heart.  People should be mandated to engage in programming because it will help them.  Programming should not open a door for a disgruntled cell block officer to refuse to release a prisoner from their cell so that they cannot complete the required course and thus not be released on parole.  It also should not be a means by which people who fill various roles in a prison can ban together and keep prisoners from programming so their numbers remain up and their jobs are secure.

Think these scenarios are a little far-fetched or pessimistic?

Try spending a week in a prison and see if you still feel that way.

All people must have a legitimate opportunity to access the resources and programming that they need in order to meet their release goals.  Unless it codified in law, they will not be given this access.

~Written by Katrina Burlet
Katrina has never been incarcerated, but so many of the people she loves are.