Nickolas Haselrig

Nickolas Haselrig was born on the south side of Chicago, where he grew up until a crime committed in self defense at nineteen led to a 26 year prison sentence. His first foray into art was creating greeting cards and drawings for loved ones on the outside, but meeting a group of incarcerated painters has since inspired him to explore painting, which is now his preferred medium. Nickolas currently works as an art instructor at Dixon, where he teaches art to fellow inmates as a life skill and a therapeutic activity. Once released, he hopes to make a living off of selling his work, taking commissions, and doing similar teaching work on the outside.





To write Nickolas about his art or to request a commission, you can contact Nickolas Haselrig #K75345 on GTL ConnectNetwork (instructions here) or mail a letter to:

Nickolas Haselrig, #K75345

Dixon Correctional Center

2600 N. Brinton Avenue

Dixon, IL 61021