PRB Panel of 5

Supporting Argument 12. A Panel of 5 from the Prisoner Review Board will hear each case.

A panel of 5 Prisoner Review Board (PRB) officials will make paroling decisions.  All five officials must be present at decision-making time, and the offender will be released when he or she receives at least 3 of the 5 votes in favor of parole.

The current 15 member PRB parole-decision system has been in existence since 1978, making paroling decisions for C-number cases, which are those people who committed crimes prior to the official abolishment of parole in Illinois in 1978.  There are approximately 100 C-numbers still incarcerated from before 1978.  These elderly offenders are 65 years old or older, and have been incarcerated 40 years or more, largely due to politics.  All 15 members of the PRB may or may not show up to the elderly C-number parole hearings, and once the hearing passes, the individual waits up to 5 years to be seen again.

The time has come to modify these 15 member hearings to match the way that the PRB does clemency hearings.  The 15 members will be broken into three groups of five, meaning each will make a third of the paroling decisions they would otherwise.  This allows for more attention to be paid to each case, and more cases to be heard and processed more quickly.  This upgrade will more effectively deal with Illinois’ overcrowded prison population and will maintain integrity in paroling eligible, rehabilitated offenders who are deserving of a second chance.

~ Written by Alfred Moore
Alfred was incarcerated at age 31 and his release is set for 2089 at age 120.

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