Stateville Debate

Luigi Adamo, Eugene Ross, and Carnell Fitzpatrick prepare for their public debate on parole. Here they are discussing the effects of crime on communities.

On March 21, the Stateville Correctional Center Debate Team hosted a public debate about parole in Illinois.  The debate was premised on the urgent need for a fair parole system.  Illinois has the most overcrowded prisons in the nation–operating at 151% capacity, and prisons cost the state $2 billion and counting each year.  If nothing is done, over 5.000 Illinoisans have no hope but to die in prison.  Agreed on the need to bring a fair parole system to the state, the team addressed an historic debate about the best way to evaluate people for release: a statistical evaluation of each person’s likeliness to recidivate; or a clinical evaluation, which focuses on the rehabilitation that an individual has achieved during their incarceration.  The debate was attended by Illinois educators, activists, religious leaders, and over 10% of Illinois state legislators.