COOK COUNTY JAIL: Steady Decrease In COVID-19

Fewer people have tested positive for the coronavirus over the past month at Cook County Jail, officials announced Friday.

The rate of positive COVID-19 tests has gone from 97% to less than 10% since March, Cook County Health officials said in a statement. Since May 8, most of the new cases have come from detainees entering the jail, rather than people who were already in custody, officials said.

They credited the decline to interventions implemented since the beginning of the year, including opening unused divisions to accommodate social distancing, converting available cells to single-occupancy and enhanced testing.

“As we watched this pandemic approach Cook County, we understood the potential impact it could have at the jail and worked with our public safety partners,” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said in the statement.

“This was both the right thing to do for these individuals and the right thing to do to mitigate spread inside the jail.”


PAUL MANAFORT: Now A Judicial Precedent For Home Release

The longtime GOP strategist had not been due to leave prison until November 2024 but will now serve the rest of his 7½-year sentence in home confinement.

His legal team fought for the release, citing his age and pre-existing health conditions, including a recent “cardiac event.”

There are no known cases of coronavirus at FCI Loretto.


COVID-19: Cruel & Very Usual American Punishment

Throughout April and early May, inmates began to receive word that they may not be going home after all, even after some families had received a date to come to the prison to pick up their loved one up.

Then the BOP changed its mind again and kept many inmates in those higher security prisons for over 40 days, waiting to complete the paperwork that would release them.

Finally, after restricting these men and women in high security cells for over a month, some went home but many were returned to the prison camp.