Federal officials have reassigned the warden of a Louisiana prison where the coronavirus has ravaged the compound, leaving eight inmates dead and infecting dozens of other prisoners and staffers.

The Bureau of Prisons said Friday that Oakdale, Louisiana, warden Rodney Myers had been assigned to “temporary duty” at the bureau’s South Central Regional Office in Texas.


NY TIMES EDITORIAL BOARD: No One Deserves To Die Of COVID-19 In Prison Or Jail

On March 28, Patrick Jones became the first inmate in a federal prison known to have died of Covid-19. He was a worker at a prison textile factory at the Oakdale Federal Correctional Complex in Louisiana, where he was serving time for a nonviolent drug offense. By the third week of April, seven more inmates at Oakdale had died. Meanwhile, prison factories around the country have stayed open, subjecting inmates who work there to packed conditions even as the virus spreads.

Social distancing in prisons is nearly impossible. The size of the inmate population in federal prisons exceeds their rated capacity by 12 to 19 percent, according to a report this year from the Justice Department.