CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A day after the state announced one Illinois prison inmate had died of COVID-19 and that more inmates and staff had tested positive for the coronavirus, a legal services group is renewing its call for thousands of inmates to be released. Alan Mills, executive director of the Uptown People’s Law Center, said as many as 13,000 inmates should be released from state prisons, or in the very least, put on home confinement to try to control the spread of COVID-19 in prisons. “There’s simply not the opportunity to socially distance. It’s totally impossible to try to stay …Read More →

Joliet Hospital Overwhelmed By COVID19

JOLIET (WLS) — There is a crisis within a crisis that could kill dozens of state prison inmates according to the medical director of a Joliet hospital now struggling to deal with COVID-19 victims. The past few days, infected inmates at the Stateville Correctional Center have been taken to the closest hospital at Saint Joseph Medical Center for emergency treatment. The hospital’s medical director, Dr. John Walsh, said they have been “overwhelmed” by inmates suffering from the effects of coronavirus. “This is a disaster,” he said. “What I most fear, is that without some resolution, the number of patents coming …Read More →


Updated on Monday at 8:21 p.m. A man incarcerated at Stateville prison in Illinois has died from COVID-19 and another dozen have been hospitalized, including several requiring ventilators according to Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. At a press conference with Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker Monday, Ezike said another 77 men with symptoms of COVID-19 at the facility were being held in isolation, and 11 staff members were showing signs of the disease and isolating. Prisoners and their families say they are scared. Deborah Wilson’s husband, Joseph Wilson, is incarcerated at Stateville. She said she …Read More →


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois officials on Monday reported the death of a state prison inmate from COVID-19 and acknowledged the difficulty they face in stopping the spread of the virus in a crowded correctional system. Dr. Ngoze Ezike, the state’s public health director, said a man at Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet had died from the respiratory illness. Twelve more inmates with COVID-19 have been hospitalized, several requiring ventilators, and 77 others showing symptoms have been isolated, as have 11 staff members. CLICK


Governor Pritzker, there is no reason to wait 1 more day, to ask 1 more person, to ponder clemency. Raul has underlying health issues. This makes him particularly vulnerable. Every. Day. Is. A. Potential. Death. Sentence. Release Raul Dorado Today!   Raul Dorado is a Parole Illinois Board Member who has underlying health issues. Needless to say, we’re concerned.

Joseph Dole: Corrective Clemency

“Today it is increasingly recognized that mass incarceration is the civil rights issue of our era.” “Today in Illinois we currently have thousands of people unnecessarily over-sentenced to death by incarceration.” “Illinois has thus far failed to heed the canary’s true message and reform the state’s criminal legal system.” “It’s time for Governor Pritzker to clear Illinois’ slow death row just as Governor Ryan cleared the state’s former death row.” “It’s worth noting that by comparison a life sentence in Illinois used to provide parole eligibility after 11 years and 3 months.” To hear The Canary’s True Message, listen to …Read More →


Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced this week that Illinois prisons would be closed to new inmates in response to growing concern about the COVID-19 pandemic spreading within Illinois’ correctional facilities. As of Friday, at least five incarcerated men at Stateville Correctional Center have tested positive for the virus, along with multiple staff members at the prison. A staff member at the Sheridan Correctional Center also tested positive for COVID-19, and so did multiple individuals housed at the North Lawndale Adult Transition Center in Chicago. CLICK


We received word that dozens of people incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center (including one of our board members, Raul Dorado) are exhibiting hallmark symptoms of CV19 (fever, body aches, cold chills, inability to smell or taste). The sick are returned to their cells and are receiving no medical care, unless they are unresponsive and their neighbors call for a medic. There are instances of kitchen workers complaining of CV-19-like symptoms and still made to work preparing food for the entire incarcerated population. Prison administration and medical officials have known for weeks about dozens of people suffering with CV 19-like symptom, but …Read More →