Kamala Harris, Prosecutor’s Tale

Harris offered a pair of stories as evidence of the importance of a Black woman’s doing this work. Once, ear hustling, she listened to colleagues discussing ways to prove criminal defendants were gang-affiliated.

If a racial-profiling manual existed, their signals would certainly be included: baggy pants, the place of arrest and the rap music blaring from vehicles.

She said that she’d told her colleagues: “So, you know that neighborhood you were talking about? Well, I got family members and friends who live in that neighborhood. You know the way you were talking about how folks were dressed? Well, that’s actually stylish in my community.”

She continued: “You know that music you were talking about? Well, I got a tape of that music in my car right now.”


Candidate Survey: Action Needed

Elections matter when it comes to reforming our criminal legal system.

Restore Justice Illinois sent out its first candidate survey for all Illinois General Assembly and state’s attorney offices.

Do you want to find out how people running feel about important issues? Issues related to the criminal legal system? Including sentencing? And prison condition issues?

If so, we need your help to make sure candidates actually fill it out…