Illinois has no system of discretionary parole.* If no action is taken, over 5,000 men and women will die in prison.


Our mission is to collect resources that can contribute to advocacy for a fair and effective system of parole in Illinois; to bring the voices of incarcerated individuals into discussions about parole in Illinois; and to help publicize and coordinate the activities of people inside and outside prison walls who are committed to bringing to Illinois an effective and non-discriminatory system of parole that addresses the goals of rehabilitation and respect for all human beings.

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Luigi Adamo, Eugene Ross, and Carnell Fitzpatrick discuss the need for a fair parole system as well as the pros and cons of different systems of parole.

*Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR) is sometimes referred to as “parole.” However, MSR is simply an additional punishment that someone serves following–and on top of–their completed prison sentence.  Our aim is for a system of discretionary parole that would allow incarcerated individuals to prove to a parole board their readiness to rejoin and contribute to society. Illinois currently has no system of discretionary parole for people whose conviction occurred after 1978.